Semi Permanent Eyebrows Give You long-Lasting eyebrow definition by without make-up hassle 

Imagine waking up to perfect eyebrows every morning for the next 1-3 years. No worries about smudges with our micropigmentation eyebrows.
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semi permanent eyebrows Types

3D HAIR STROKE Eyebrows 
Hair Stroke Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City
Ultra-Fine, Delicate Hair Strokes To Create Fuller And Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows In A Super Natural Look Of Fluffy Brows.
Hair Stroke Shadow Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City
Most Natural Technique Ideal For Sparse Or Non-Existing Eyebrows. Imitation Of Super Fine Hairs Shaded For Realistic 3D Effect.
powder brows semi permanent ombre eyebrows cork city300
Effect Of Powder Filled Brows Or A Gentle Shadow Instead Of Individual Hair Strokes. Ideal For A Soft Or More Defined Look.

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semi permanent Eyebrows price list 

Perfectly Looking Eyebrows Every Day

3D Hair Stroke

Hair Stroke Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City

with Master

Duration: 2h 30m

Touch ups

up to 2 months: €50

2 – 6 months: €120

6 –15 months: €160

15 – 24 months: €260

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3D Hair Stroke + Shadow

Hair Stroke Shadow Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City

with Master

Duration: 2h

Touch ups

up to 2 months: €50

2 – 6 months: €120

6 –15 months: €160

15 – 24 months: €260

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Ombre Brows

powder brows semi permanent ombre eyebrows cork city300

with Master

with Professional

Duration: 3h

Touch ups

up to 2 months: €50

2 – 6 months: €120

6 –15 months: €160

15 – 24 months: €260

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Touch ups are made with the same colour and shape as first permanent makeup.
Any changes are charged €50 – €150.

The prices are valid from 04.03.2024

More about 

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make Up is also known as Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation or commonly called Eyebrow Tattoo and it is very often confused with microblading. 

It is an implementation of a safe pigment into the skin to create natural looking, long lasting eyebrows.

Modern techniques are soft and realistic rather than an old style tattooed black eyebrows.

Semi-Permanent Make Up of Eyebrows last approx. 1-3 years. 

Does It hurt?

If this question "Do semi-permanent eyebrows hurt?" is your main concern to do it you need to know that most of the time our clients sleep during the eyebrows procedure or have a nice chat with the therapist.

It really depends on the technique, “heavy” or “light hand” of a therapist and your individual pain threshold.

What semi permanent eyebrows types you do?

We offer 3 types of eyebrows techniques.

Hair Stroke Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City

Creation of fuller and perfectly shaped eyebrows in a super natural look of fluffy hairs.

Hair Stroke Shadow Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City

Most natural technique ideal for sparse or non-existing eyebrows. Imitation of super fine hairs shaded for realistic 3D effect.

Ombre Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City

Effect of powder filled brows or a gentle shadow ideal for a soft or more defined look.

What Does it do?

Semi permanent eyebrows allow you to:

  • have freedom from morning makeup up to 1-3 years
  • have a perfectly shaped and coloured eyebrows
  • enhance the natural beauty as eyebrows “frame your face”
  • look younger as it take of the years
  • have some eyebrows, if you had none due to an illness or just a nature.
  • be confident on everyday basis and forget about smudged and disappearing eyebrows
  • feel relaxed in a swimming pool, at the gym
  • not to think of your eyebrows constantly.

How this is done?

Semi-permanent eyebrows are a type of cosmetic tattoo which means that special pigment is placed in the outer layer of skin with a needle and machine.
Pigment application by using machine is more safe than microblading if coming to scaring.
Our technique is gentle, doesn’t overwork skin and there is rarely any blood appearing.
We are working on the border of Epidermis and Dermis so the pigment fades within time according to the cell renewal cycle.

How long does it last?

Depending on the skin and technique semi permanent eyebrows may last 1-3 years.

On oily skin, the pigment will be fading faster sometimes it may fade even 50% within 6 months from the procedure.

Normal and mature skin will hold the pigment much better in some cases even longer than 2-3 years.

The Process

At least 24 hours before the treatment, carried out consultation during which I will answer all your questions, and do a patch test with the pigment.

Purification and disinfection the treatments area

  • Local anaesthetic, of the space
  • Sketch makeup consulted with client
  • Implementation of permanent makeup according to arrangements
  • Suitable cream application
  • Providing aftercare for client during the healing process
  • Touch up if needed.

All semi permanent makeup treatments are made on products in 100% original, modern machine known companies.

The needles are sterile and used ONLY once and mineral pigments do not cause an allergic reaction.

Before you do it !

  • Before the time you would do your permanent makeup, you should go to the professional that will do the job.
  • There is need to report with the specialist for various reasons.
  • This will afford the person to carry out tests on what will work well for your face and the color that best suits the tone of the hair and skin.
  • So, it is possible for you to change impressions and choose the colors you would like to go with.
  • Feel free to try all the features you need before proceeding to tattoo, because you’ll be calmer with the assurance that everything will be perfect.
  • Finally, do not forget to ask for a detailed quote outlining the conditions for intervention: colors, chosen route and, of course, price.
  • Also make sure that the places where you’re getting the permanent makeup comply with hygiene standards.


  • who can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities
  • who meet age range from 25 years of age through 70 years old and have the ability to heal properly from minor wounds
  • active woman who want to look their best for sports activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics and don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics
    any woman or man who wants to look her best all of the time
  • who have difficulty applying their cosmetics; and others with dexterity related conditions
    who don’t have time to spend applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day and evening


  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding
  • diabetes
  • hemophilia
  • epilepsy
  • taking medicines like corticosteroids
  • hypertention
  • heart disease
  • neurosis herpes

who is it for?

It is waterproof, making it ideal for:

  • athletes, swimmers
  • active style woman
  • pharmacy, hospital workers
  • who have difficulty applying makeup
  • who don't want to save time to do it
  • and many more.

It can be of immense help to solve problems of diseases where the hair is lost, or when you want to hide scars or blemishes.

It is not a definitive method because it lingers for many years, unlike semi-permanent makeup.

In fact, you’ll notice that the colour you choose for makeup is a little higher.

Typically, professional apply a darker than the selected colour because, in the healing period, it tends to lose the intensity shown at the time in which the professional’s work is finished.

Your character can be judged by the expression of your look as well as the intensity.

If your eyebrows have hair shortages or are non-existent or too blond, it can be restructured and yours is not a hopeless case.

SPMU in pregnant or breastfeeding?

This procedure CAN NOT be performed during pregnancy or breastfeeding as there is a potential risk of infection that may be followed with a secondary infection of a baby.

A topical anaesthetic cream cannot be used during the procedure, you may also be much more sensitive and the procedure will be traumatic and changed hormones may affect with pigment being pushed out or discoloured which will not give expected and esthetic result.

Can it be removed?

There are different methods of semi permanent makeup removal such as laser, saline remover or chemical remover, available on the market.
Successful removal depends on many aspects and has to be done carefully to achieve a good result without scarring.
In Permanent Beauty, we offer Q-switch laser as safe, fast and most effective.
To achieve complete removal eyebrows have to be fully healed, done quite well, not tattooed, skin cannot be scarred or infected.
In other cases, if we are not able to remove all pigment, we may offer a few sessions to lighten the old eyebrows as much as possible and make a cover.

Unfortunately, eyebrow removal is not the most pleasant and painless treatment and you will need a few days for recovery after the procedure so it is very important to carefully choose a specialist who will do your semi-permanent eyebrows.

Read more about it on SPMU removal page

Do eyebrows scab?

Scabbing is a part of healing and usually appears between 4-6 days after the procedure.
Depending on technique and skin scabbing may be more (Ombre/ Powder Brows)  or less visible (Hair Strokes)  but no makeup can be applied on eyebrows at that stage.
Scabbing is a natural skin renewal after micropigmentation

Do Eyebrows Fade?

eyebrows will fade within time as the skin cell renewal process is constant.
Depending on the skin type, technique and depth of pigmentation they may fade fast or after two-three years.
Incorrectly done, tattooed eyebrows will be fading slowly but never completely. 
If a therapist tells you they will last for 10 years or longer, it means they will be tattooed which is far from a natural result, impossible to correct and looks unsightly over the years.
Usually, at the start, eyebrow pigmentation requires two visits 6-10 weeks apart. 
Afterwards, eyebrows can be maintained on a yearly basis as a “top-ups” just refreshing the colour.

microblading vs semi permanent eyebrows

Microblading is a manual technique resulting in the creation of natural-looking hair or gentle shading. 
It should last for up to 18 months and is NOT suitable for an oily, thick, problematic skin with enlarged pores. 
Microblading is also known as embroidery or Phi Brows due to the well-known brand and characteristic “hair pattern”.
During semi-permanent makeup (SPMU), also known as micro-pigmentation or permanent makeup, the pigment is placed in the skin with a fine needle and machine - just like during a tattoo. 
Depending on area results will last from 1-2 years on eyebrows up to 3-4 years on eyeliner or lips.  
The effect can be natural and subtle like Hairstroke Eyebrows (effect like Microblading), eyelash enhancement or lip blush or more defined like Ombre Eyebrows, Latino Eyeliner or Lipstick Effect.
This technique is suitable for any skin type, eg. Ombre Eyebrows are suitable for oily skin and Hair Strokes for normal, thin, dry skin.

cold sore as contraindication?

Yes, yes yes. 
Herpes commonly called a cold sore is a viral infection which is a main contraindication for the procedure, regardless of the area of pigmentation eyebrows, lips or eyeliner.
It may be easily spread not only on your face but also on the therapist so if it appears it must be fully healed before the procedure can be performed.
If you are prone to herpes and you are willing to have semi-permanent makeup on your lips, it is advised to contact your doctor and start the therapy on the day of the treatment.

Is it safe?

We have all health standards such as disinfection, sterilisation, disposable tools and hygiene standards in place and pre-care and aftercare advised by our specialist is followed. 
Knowledge of the therapist, the appropriate technique is also essential for the safe procedure, healing process and esthetic result.

semi-permanent eyebrows cost?

Price is very individual but the average price of eyebrows in a good salon would vary from €200  for the main treatment.

Check  our semi permanent eyebrows prices

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