Natural Looking, Professional Semi Permanent Makeup In Cork.

Best alternatives to traditional makeup. Long lasting, waterproof, sweat proof & time saving!  Used to fill in thin eyebrows, enhance the thickness of the eyelashes and fill in the full colour of lips.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Long Lasting Eyebrows
3D Hair Stroke

ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes to Create fuller and perfectly shaped eyebrows in a super natural look of fluffy Brows.

Hair Stroke Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City
3D Hair Stroke 
+ Shadow

Most natural technique ideal for sparse or non-existing eyebrows. Imitation of super fine hairs shaded for realistic 3D effect.

Hair Stroke Shadow Semi Permanent Eyebrows Cork City
Ombre Brows

Effect of powder filled brows or a gentle shadow Instead Of Individual Hair Strokes. ideal for a soft or more defined look.

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Semi Permanent Eyeliners

Define natural beauty of the eyes
Top Eyelash Line

Very delicate shadow, more lashes look

Semi Permanent Eyelash Line Cork City
Classic Eyeliner

More defined solid line with small flick

Semi Permanent Classic Eyeliner Cork City
Latino Eyeliner

A bold line finished with a charming flick

Semi Permanent Latino Eyeliner Cork City
Shadow Eyeliner

Defined look with a
smoke finish

Semi Permanent Shadow Eyeliner Cork City

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