hydrate your skin with the vitamins it needs

Through aging, sun exposure and poor diet, our skin can lose elasticity. Get yours back into shape with pain-free micro needling. This will get vitamin serum to where it is needed and hydrates your skin to improve your appearance.
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nano needling Facial Price List

Nano Needling

Skin analysis & preparation
Pre-cleanse and Cleanse
Nanoneedling on decollete, face & neck with dedicated serum
Massage with serum
on face, neck and decollete
Calming face mask
Toner and moisturiser
SPF cream

Duration: 60 min


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The prices are valid from 01.06.2022

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During 60 mins nano-needling facial skin is being punctured with super fine and tiny needles that are creating "nano channels" for serum to penetrate deeper into the skin.

this facial is an absolutely pain-free procedure during which we can work closely around eyes and over lips without skin irritation.

It is a pleasant and effective facial that leaves the skin revitalised and well hydrated with almost immediate results.


Nano needling will:

  • enhances product absorption
  • gently exfoliates the skin
  • increases skin hydration
  • triggers the natural regenerative processes of the skin
  • increases circulation
  • softens lines and wrinkles
  • improves skin tone and texture
  • reduces appearance of acne scarring
  • boosts collagen production
  • stimulates elastin production
Nano Needling is a pain-free non invasive treatment vs. an aesthetic invasive treatment called Microneedling. 



No anaesthetic cream

Anaesthetic cream applied on face

Pain - free

Medium pain level

No downtime

2-5 days recovery

No side effects

Redness,irritation,bleeding may occur

Results visible immediately

Results visible from 3-7 day


Treats deep wrinkles, stretch marks and deep scars

Treats fine lines, open pores,small acne scars, improves skin structure

Treats fine lines,deep wrinkles, open pores, all acne scars, improves skin structure

Suitable for all skin tones

Not recommended for clients with deep skin tones

Works only in Epidermis

Penetrates deeper into Dermis

Can be done over lips and in eye area

Can't be done over lips and in eye area

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